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Welcome to the British institute for blushing and sweating website


The constant fear of facial blushing (erythrophobia), a red face or excessive sweating of the hands, face or underarms/armpits (hyperhidrosis) can result in a feeling of frustration, embarrassment, and unhappiness.  Many patients feel these conditions often "holds back" their life, both socially and at work. Some patients develop avoidance behavior, which can be at work or socially.  Impaired quality of life and a social phobia can develop.  Facial blushing and hyperhidrosis can be successfully treated by various methods including new laser therapy and  "key hole"surgical technique called Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy.


Some patients suffer from excessive face, hand or underarm/armpit sweating.  Some patients suffer from a fear of facial blushing, facial flushing or a red face..  Whilst these two conditions often do not occur together in the same patient, occasionally they do.  There can be some overlap in the cause of these symptoms and in some of the treatment options available. 


The Facial Blushing and Sweating Centre Is a dedicated private clinic that specializes in the treatment of facial blushing / red face and treatment of excessive sweating.     The Blushing and Sweating Centre is based in Central and North London.  The centre has a very large experience in dealing with the treatment of patients who suffer from either or a combination of  facial blushing and excessive sweating particularly head and face sweating , underarm/armpit sweating  / axilla sweating or sweating in the  palms of the hands.  Some people also seek treatment or advice with excessive sweating on the feet or excess sweating on the back.


Some people may describe their facial blushing as either facial flushing or a red face.  In many cases  this refers to the exactly the same thing but in other cases there can be alternate reasons such as Rosacea. The medical term for patients seeking treatment for excessive facial blushing/ facial flushing or red face is erythrophobia


Each patient visiting the Blushing and Sweating Centre  in London has a unique and personal story.  Many patients seek  treatment or cure for facial blushing / red face  or treatment and cure for excessive sweating.   Some patients may seek simple advice for the treatment of facial blushing  and or excessive face, hand, armpit or feet sweating and wish guidance on the available treatment options.


The Centre specializes and are experts in the latest and most up to date treatments face blushing for hand sweating, underarm/armpit sweating, face sweating and feet sweating.   These treatments for excessive sweating includes drug therapy injections to the sweat glands , iontophoresis, of the sweat glands as well as  laser  destruction of the sweat glands and endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. 


The centre specializes in both the latest clipping and cutting techniques for endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. Both can have their unique advantages in treating excessive sweating of the face, sweating of the hand or armpit of the treatment of facial blushing. 


The centre also specializes in a very and highly  selective sympathectomy  to reduce the chances of any unwanted side effects.


In summary The British Blushing and Sweating Centre offers the most up to date advice  and expert treatment regarding the treatment of either excessive face sweating hand sweating armpit sweating and  or facial blushing and the red face.


For further information or to arrange a consultation or to discuss your needs, please call: 0207 286 7274

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