Mira Dry Treatment for Underarm Sweating

We are proud to offer Mira Dry treatment for underarm sweating. This is a non-surgical, and permanent treatment for underarm sweating. It targets only the underarm sweat glands using electromagnetic energy. The results are immediate with an average of 82% permanent sweat reduction, although individual variation does exist. You will continue to sweat normally elsewhere
in your body. In most patients only one treatment session is required and the treatment is usually completed with 1-2 hours.

Mira Dry is performed under local anaesthetic with very little downtime. It is usually possible to return to normal exercise within days and other active cities sooner.

Over 155,000 procedures have been performed worldwide with an excellent safety record. Side effects can include occasional altered sensation in the armpit, which usually settles with time as well pain and swelling for a few weeks.

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