Non-operative Treatment for Facial Blushing

Non-invasive / psychological therapy should always be considered first  in patients who blush as ETS is irreversible and more invasive.

Self help books, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and counseling should all be considered as a non-invasive treatment of facial blushing and erythrophobia. Some patients can find these techniques useful, others may find these treatments ineffective. If you don’t try you wont know.   These treatments are offered by psychotherapists. 

Drug therapy does not stop blushing.  Anti-depressants have been offered as a mood stimulator in those patients who have low mood associated with blushing.  Beta blockers may help some patients in stopping the nervous and anxiety feeling associated with blushing. They do not offer a long term solution and some patients wish to avoid drugs altogether.

In many patients endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy offers a permenant cure for blushing but it should only be considered after considering the alternative non-invasive methods.

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